We’re Crushing On: Bottle Cap Flowers

Now that warmer weather is here to stay, it’s time to start thinking about your
garden, flowerpots, and window boxes! We have a super easy craft that will look great
among your beautiful flowers this spring and summer.

What you need:
– Hot glue gun
– Hot glue sticks
– Bottle caps
– Small wooden dowels
– Mod Podge®
– Paint brushes
– Paint (optional)

Here is how to create a bottle cap flower:

First pick which bottle caps you want to use for the center and the petals of your
flower. Once you have everything, flip the bottle caps over and secure them together
in the shape of a flower. You can glue the sides together and then for safe measure,
apply a little more hot glue to the back of the bottle caps.

Once the bottle caps are together, take a wooden dowel and glue it securely to the
back of your flower. Lastly, apply Mod Podge® to the wooden dowel to help protect it from water.

This fun DIY craft is so easy! And there are so many different options. You can paint
the bottle caps or fold the caps in half and make leaves or more petals. The options
are endless!

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