We’re crushing on…last-minute school treats

School's almost out! Give these cute last-minute gifts to teachers and friends.
School’s almost out. Summer freedom is almost here.

But WAIT! Before that final bell rings, don’t forget to thank everyone who made this school year a good one.

Treat teachers and friends to some yummies and package them in a clever way to show off how smart you got this year.

Here’s what you’ll need:
• candy with fun names, like Riesens®, Crunch®, Jolly Ranchers®, Life Savers® and Smarties®
mini scallop favor boxes
• personalized note cards like our Naturally Simple or Edgy Sophistication styles
• embellishments (optional)

Here’s what you’ll do:
• add candy to boxes
• embellish with lace, ribbon or rhinestones (be creative!)
• write fun little notes on your note cards like “Thanks for being the Riesen I’m turning into such a Smartie – have a Jolly summer!” or “Thanks for being my Life Saver at Crunch time – stay Sweet!”
• deliver to teachers and friends

Cost? $8.50 for 24 favor boxes, $95 for 50 personalized note cards and the cost of your candy (buy in bulk for savings – and leftovers!)

Time? 5-10 minutes per gift, including filling boxes, embellishing and writing notes

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