We’re crushing on: custom jar labels

Wedding favors: Upload your art to our custom seals and tags and attach them to jars
You want the most unique and special and personal and wonderful and amazing and meaningful favors of all time. We know you’re not even exaggerating. Really.

But what if you can’t find them??? Relax. We’re here to get you out of that jam.

No gift or favor is more personal (or unique or special or meaningful) than something homemade. Like…jam. Or jelly. Or salsa or sauces or chutney. Use Grandma’s recipe to cook up a batch of it. Better yet, spend the day with Grandma and make it (and great memories) together.

Then? Dress up those jars. Use our custom seals and labels for the lids, the sides, for all the way around. Upload your artwork for the seals, choose your sizes and colors, and you’re set.

The perfect favors. Guests will eat them up.

(Pssst. Labels aren’t just for weddings. Print them up for holiday gifts, birthdays, hostess gifts – everything sweet thing you give.)


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