We’re Crushing On: Valentine’s Day Boxes

Valentine’s Day has sparked some friendly competition in the office. So we got out
our glue, colorful paper and most importantly, our thinking caps! Here are the
creations we came up with:

1. She took an ordinary box and turned it into an awesome Mutant Ninja Turtle.
Does anyone smell pizza?
2. Grab all the pink glitter and jewels you can find for this box! This fun house
brings out our inner Barbie girl.
3. Hearts galore for this traditional, yet super cute, box. We love the heart
theme for this very lovely day.
4. Cupid’s arrow is sailing in the clouds for this creative Valentine’s Day “box”. It
tugs at our heartstrings.
5. Shark you glad it’s Valentine’s Day!? Creativity and colorful paper turn this
box into a magical wonder.
6. We aren’t thinking about delicious cupcakes, you are! We absolutely love this
dimensional Valentine’s Day box.

Help us choose a winner by voting for your favorite!

Poll closed. 🙂

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