Dad will crush on: bottle cap fishing lures

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for mom can be hard, but Father’s Day can be tricky, too! We saw a neat, outdoorsy project on Pinterest, so we tried it. And boy did we crush it!

These decorative bottle cap fishing lures are simple and easy to make, and we know your nature-loving, fishing-fanatic dad will love them!

• Bottle caps (use your dad’s favorite beer or soda brand for extra brownie points)
• Fishing hooks
• Split rings
• Clasps
• Hammer
• Nail
• Screwdriver (optional)

How it’s done:
Take a bottle cap and drill two holes on the lip of the cap opposite of each other. We used a hammer and a nail, but we suggest using a drill to speed up the process.

Next, secure a split ring through each hole.

Attach a fishing hook through one of the split rings. Then, attach a clasp through the opposite split ring.

Lastly, fold the bottle cap by wrapping it around a screwdriver.

(Hint: Most of the tutorials we saw instructed us to fold the bottle cap before doing anything else. After a few practices, we found it was easier to drill holes and attach the split rings before folding the cap.)

The final touch? Wrap your lures in a cute, creative package. Use a fishing net in the bottom of the package instead of tissue paper or crinkle, or seal your package using a fishing line bow.

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