You’ll crush on: DIY salt dough eggs


With the weather being cold and rainy (or, in our case, snowy…) we thought it was about time to find a new Creative Crush. With Easter fast approaching we decided to search out something you could create no matter what the weather does and is age friendly in case your get-togethers have lots of little helpers.

We came across Salt Dough Eggs from A Treat Life and thought “this is eggs-actly what we were looking for!”  Pun intended. Check out the step by step here.

Guess what…we crushed it! They were simple, everyone got to use their creative side and the kids had a blast painting them. The fun doesn’t end after they’re painted and dry – now it’s time to spread some springtime cheer! Hang them outside on the bare trees, just spray the eggs with clear paint to protect them. You could also add them to centerpieces or handwrite names on them and use as place cards. No matter how you display these gems they are sure to make your Easter guests feel a warm welcome.

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