Bridal shower

Bubbles and Brunch Bridal Shower

Pop the bubbly; it’s time to celebrate the bride! Make it special by hosting the best brunch bridal shower anyone has ever seen. Start by

Fun bridal shower games

Are you throwing a bridal shower for a special bride and not sure what games to play to keep guests entertained? We have the perfect

glitter wooden spoon shower gifts

Saw it, tried it…crushed it!

True story: our manager was throwing a bridal shower for her sister and she totally forgot about favors. And then she panicked. And then she

Bridal shower ideas

New bridal shower ideas

Bridal showers aren’t what they used to be – stuffy, uncomfortable events with embarrassing games. And thank goodness! Bridal showers today are meant to be

Planning a garden bridal shower

Bridal showers are meant to celebrate the bride-to-be, and gardens offer a beautiful and dramatic setting for that celebration to take place. It could be

Hosting a bridal shower brunch

If you’re searching for a bridal shower theme, how about brunch? It’s a relaxed and simple way to celebrate the upcoming marriage of the bride-to-be!