Planning a garden bridal shower

Bridal showers are meant to celebrate the bride-to-be, and gardens offer a beautiful and dramatic setting for that celebration to take place. It could be in a friend’s backyard, a rented space, a courtyard hotel or even in the middle of a park. If you would like to be showered with both gifts and blooms for this wedding event, here are a few tips to help your soiree go off without a hitch:

Send out personalized invitations
Be sure to choose invitations that set the mood for the garden bridal shower. This Blooming Shower Invite, for example, is simple, beautiful and to the point. It features two large blooms on the top with matching pink text including all of the important info below.

Floral centerpieces
What’s a garden bridal shower without lots and lots of flowers? When putting together your tables, top them off with dramatic flower arrangements to flaunt your garden theme. Be sure to add pops of color with something like bright pink roses or brilliant yellow sunflowers.

Adorn your chairs
Gather a few of your favorite blooms at tie them together with some florist wire. Wrap a simple bow of ribbon around the stems and you have a simple and beautiful way to decorate all of your chairs.

Looking for a fun activity for your bridal shower? Sunprints are perfect for a garden theme. Simply arrange a flower, feather or leaf on a piece of sunprint paper and place an acrylic pressing sheet on top of it to help flatten the object. When your paper is exposed to sunlight for two to five minutes, the stationery will fade from blue to white, forming a beautiful outline of the object. These ladies opted to use initials and flowers on their sunprint.

Leave a floral favor
Have your bridal shower guests take a flower or plant home with them. You could tie a packet of seeds onto their napkins, or let them take home the centerpieces as a thank you.

Bright cocktails
Instead of using regular ice cubes for your garden party cocktails, how about using edible flower ice cubes? Using boiled, distilled water and a two-stage flower freezing process, you can have beautiful, bright flowers frozen into your ice cubes to chill your drinks and take your garden theme to the next level.

Edible flower cookies
Add some texture and color to your sugar cookies by decorating them with icing and topping each cookie with a fresh pansy or two (they’re edible).

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