New bridal shower ideas

Bridal shower ideas
Bridal showers aren’t what they used to be – stuffy, uncomfortable events with embarrassing games. And thank goodness! Bridal showers today are meant to be fun and to match the personality of the bride AND the groom. Read on for 5 NEW fun bridal shower ideas everyone will love attending!

Wine Tasting
Arrange to have the shower at a local wine store or invite a supplier to pour for you at your home. Serve great cheeses and breads and give guests engraved wine glasses as favors.

5K Shower
Are the bride and groom avid runners? Host the shower on the day of a local 5K! Dress up so the other runners know you’re celebrating – a veil for the bride, a tux t-shirt for the groom, sashes and funny bow ties for the bridal party and friends.

Crafty Shower
When the bride loves to scrapbook and craft, throw a shower filled with creative fun! Buy lots of new craft supplies, gather at a friend’s house, and have each guest create a scrapbook page for the bride commemorating the event.

Cooking Class
Does the bride love to cook? Arrange for a cooking class for her bridal shower! Invite a local chef to come over and teach everyone to cook a simple, delicious meal. Gift the bride with unusual, gourmet kitchen tools and cookbooks.

Holiday Decorating
Make sure the couple’s first Christmas together is a beautiful one by throwing them a holiday decorating shower. Ask guests to bring gifts of ornaments, garland, candles and other Christmas decorations for the couple.

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