4 Unique Ways to Use Labels

Address labels are easy and convenient when it comes to envelopes and packages that need to be mailed. However, there are so many other uses for them! Here are our top four unique uses for address labels.

Tag your bags – While traveling, use an address label to mark your travel tag. It will make it more legible to read then a handwritten tag.

Labeling electronics – When taking your electronics out of the house, put an address label on them. This way they won’t be mixed up with similar products or if they goes missing, it can be returned.

School supplies – Your children’s school supplies can be expensive! Label them before sending your child to school to make sure they aren’t mixed up or given to another student.

Label items sold – Do you sell products online or in a store? Label your homemade products with an address label! This can remind customers where they got certain products or pass your information on to other potential buyer.

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