Size, Style and Sophistication

The size differences between Luxe, Classic, and Trend wedding invitations are part of their design

Planning a wedding involves countless decisions, from choosing the perfect venue to selecting the ideal flowers. Among these choices is the selection of wedding stationery, a crucial aspect that sets the tone for the big day. Yet, amidst these considerations, the size of wedding stationery emerges as a subtle yet impactful factor. Carlson Craft’s three distinct wedding collections – Luxe, Classic, and Trend – embody different aesthetic themes and present a range of sizes tailored to suit the unique visions of couples.

Engraved wedding invitation featuring dark paper printed with white ink

When your guests open a Luxe invitation, they’ll know your wedding will be something special. The invitations in the Luxe Wedding Collection are oversized to command attention. The large format has more space for intricate details, elaborate fonts and lavish embellishments. When guests hold them, they’ll appreciate how well-made these invitations are. Invitations in the Luxe collection set the mood for an unforgettable and upscale wedding celebration.

The couple's names appear on a classic wedding invitation in a script font that resembles elegant handwriting

The Classic Wedding Collection perfectly balances timeless tradition and modern charm. In size, it falls between the Luxe and Trend collections. The invitations feature many of the same design elements in the Luxe Collection, like embossing, laser cutting and elegant wraps tailored for refined tastes. Classic invitations celebrate traditional elegance and timeless romance. This collection is ideal for couples seeking refined and welcoming wedding stationery.

– A delicate laser cut backer adds depth to a wedding invitation featuring pastel peonies

The Trend Wedding Collection offers a contemporary take on wedding invitations. Trend invitations are clever, colorful, and designed to make a stylish statement. Couples who embrace the latest trends and seek the customization options to make these invitations uniquely their own will love what Trend offers. Although smaller than Classic and Luxe, the flexibility of design options like pockets, backers and tabs combined with the best of modern design makes Trend a stylish choice for contemporary couples.

Ultimately, whether you opt for the grandeur of Luxe, the timeless appeal of Classic, or the contemporary style of Trend, Carlson Craft ensures that your wedding invitations set the perfect tone for your special day. With each collection’s unique size and style, you will find the ideal match for your wedding vision.

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