8 “Something Blue” Ideas Worthy of Your Wedding!

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

A fun wedding tradition handed down through the ages! Did you know it dates back to the 1890s? Even if you don’t consider yourself all that traditional, this rhyme is still a fun way to celebrate on the big day. Plus, there are plenty of modern ways to incorporate something blue.

Here are 8 of our favorites!

1. Pedicure

Imagine your nails and toes donning the latest blue to hit your salon. A little splash of color to honor the tradition, yet remains a tasteful element in your ensemble.

2. Brooch

The right brooch is an absolutely stunning addition to your dress or bouquet. Check with family to see if there are any heirlooms you should be considering.

3. Garter

A blue garter is a sultry way to get on board with this tradition. You’ll find all kinds of styles, so pick one that will get the best reaction from your partner! Shop the garters that we offer here.

4. Shoes

Whether you choose all blue heels, blue jewels on white heels, or adorable blue stickers for the bottoms of your wedding shoes, this is one place you can really have fun.

5. Buttons

Have your seamstress sew blue buttons onto your dress. We LOVE this idea. It’s such a cute way to get a little pop of blue in your attire.

6. Bouquet

All blue flowers would be spectacular but so would a single blue rose in a white bouquet. Be as creative or as traditional as you like.

7. Jewelry

Jewelry is a beautiful way to add something blue to your wedding. Whether you choose to wear blue earrings, necklace or bracelet, you won’t regret going this sparkly route.

8. Hair

Find a dazzling blue barrette or delicate headband with blue jewels. Want something a little funkier? Die a piece of your hair blue to give this tradition a modern twist.

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