Have some class when sending out graduation announcements

Graduating from high school or college is a big deal! And it's worth celebrating – after all, it's a momentous milestone! However, much like any other big event, learning the right etiquette is essential in order for you and your guests to have the best possible experience – this means maintaining proper decorum when sending out the graduation announcements. Follow these tips to tell your family and friends about the big event the proper way:

  • Include important details such as the name of the individual graduating, the school or university they are graduating from, and the date of the commencement or graduation party. This Stylish Graduation Announcement x 3 – Brass has all the necessary information with just the perfect splash of color.
  • When it comes time to send out those graduation announcements, it's appropriate to mail them to close family and friends about two weeks before the graduation ceremony. As a rule of thumb, though, try to send them out at least one week in advance (that way your guests don't have to rush to find you a gift!).
  • Keep the distance factor in mind. If you have relatives that live far away, you're going to need to allow more time for those announcements to arrive than those who live close to you.
  • Only send out these announcements to your close friends and family members. If you do choose to mail them to colleagues or friends or neighbors, make sure to add "no gifts please" at the bottom of the invite.
  • The front of the announcement should face the flap of the envelope so that when it's opened, the front of the card is easily seen.
  • Provide both written directions and a map to help guide your guests to the location easily. Add your phone number for guests to have in case they need help with getting there. You wouldn't want your guests showing up at the wrong house – awkward!

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