Fresh Trends

Get Inspired: Neutral Dried Florals

Perfect for bridal bouquets, centerpieces and backdrops, dried prairie grasses and flowers combine a beautifully subdued color palette with a lovely crunchy texture. When used

Happy Easter!

This Easter, a friend who relocated to Virginia will post pictures of her Easter egg hunt with green grass and brightly blooming tulips. Here in

Rainbow Inspired Baby Shower

The bright watercolors of the rainbow make them perfect for any baby shower, but for some parents, they carry a special meaning. Like a rainbow

Get Inspired: Greenery Bridal Shower

Whether you need a reminder that winter won’t last forever, are celebrating the arrival of spring or looking to create a cool oasis from the

Let’s get dark and moody!

The vivid and sunny florals perfect for spring and summer weddings deepen as summer turns into fall and fall becomes winter. Dark florals too intense

Desert Colors and Abstract Arches

Three hot trends this summer are abstract arches, dried flowers and desert color palettes. Here Mae&Co combines all three to create an inspiring wedding backdrop.

5 Fall Wedding Trends We Love

1. Moody Color Palettes If you want all-out drama, the trend toward moody color pallets may be just what you’re looking for. Early in the