10 Wedding Invitation Trends Stealing the Show in 2024

Weddings aren’t just a celebration of love but a canvas for creativity, and in 2024, these innovative designs and captivating trends are taking center stage. Let’s dive into ten wedding invitation trends that promise to leave a lasting impression.

Floral Appliqués and Bows

A black gatefold wedding invitation with black foil embossing on black shimmer paper is finished with a black satin bow and coordinating enclosure cards

Floral appliqués and bows were featured prominently on the runway when fashion designers presented their 2024 bridal gown collections, and this design trend translates beautifully into opulent wedding invitations from Carlson Craft’s Luxe Collection.

Modern Typography-led Designs

A light blue wedding invitation featuring a modern monogram with a dark blue ampersand shown with coordinating envelopes

Typography is taking a modern twist in wedding stationery, becoming more than just text. Couples are experimenting with typography as art, playing with fonts and layouts to create visually striking invitations. From sleek sans-serifs to elegant scripts, typography is making a statement.

Marseille Bleu

A wedding invitation in Marseille blue. Distressed silver foil along the right edge enhances its unique design

In November, Brides Magazine and Minted Weddings joined forces and named Marseille Bleu the Wedding Color of the Year. Check out these articles from Brides to get to know the color better. “Marseille Bleu is a dynamic, lively shade that works just as well for a formal, black-tie wedding in a major city as it does at a barefoot celebration on the beach,” says Gabriella Rello Duffy, Editorial Director of Brides.

Uniquely Shaped Wedding Invitations

A classic wedding invitation in ecru with floral embossing shown with matching ensemble pieces such as enclosures, envelope and a wax seal

Uniquely shaped wedding invitations offer a refreshing change from the traditional rectangular shape that stands out in a sea of conventional designs. Our featured invitation combines the continuing appeal of an arch-shaped invitation with the emerging popularity of petite floral motifs.

Petite Florals

A sophisticated wedding invitation with a vibrant red and green floral crest framing an elegant monogram

Delicate, dainty, and petite florals are adorning wedding invitations this year. Subtle floral motifs in muted tones add a touch of romance in a way perfect for creating a whimsical and romantic vibe. Not to mention, floral wedding invitations bring an element of fresh color that guests will love.

Mono-specimen Bouquet

A wedding invitation with embossed sunflowers and a sunburst frame around the wording

Whether it’s sunflowers, peonies, lilies or the ever-popular rose, bouquets featuring a single type of blossom are having a moment, and the trend isn’t reserved for the wedding aisle. Mono-specimen designs are finding their way onto invitations featuring a single striking floral variety as the centerpiece.

Showy Florals

A wedding invitation with oversized flowers in bright red and fuchsia appears propped up by colorful glass bottles

In contrast, oversized and vibrant floral designs dominate invitations, adding drama and a burst of color that sets a lively tone for the celebration. Any wedding focusing on floral arrangements and color would benefit from wedding invitations inspired by this particular floral trend. 

Secret Garden

An ecru shimmer wrap laser cut with an intricate floral design wraps around a matching wedding invitation and is shown with two matching enclosures

Wedding invitations are embracing the allure of secret gardens, featuring intricate botanical elements or subtle vine-like motifs. These designs create an air of mystique and enchantment, drawing guests into a wedding world of your very own creation.

Royal Core

A gorgeous wedding invitation suite featuring letterpress printing, a modern monogram, and a pearl foil deckle edge is shown

Classic elegance meets modern minimalism in the Royal Core trend. Simple yet refined designs with luxurious finishes like gold foil or velvet accents exude regal sophistication. Letterpress wedding invitations fit this trend beautifully, but luxe details can also be simpler, like small foil accents or delicate patterned borders.

Elevated Details – Pockets, Envelopes, Envelope Liners, Wax Seals

A pocket wedding invitation showcasing lovebirds perched on a leafy garland, pairs with a coordinating blue backer

In 2024, wedding invitations have evolved into artistic expressions that reflect the couple’s personalities and set the stage for their upcoming celebration. From bold colors to intricate designs, each trend offers a unique way to captivate guests and create anticipation for the big day. Couples now have an array of options to make their invitations not just a formality but a cherished keepsake for all who receive them. Elevated details like pockets, envelope liners, layers and wax seals are all gorgeous accents to consider. 

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