The Art of Print: Engraved Invitations

Traditional wedding invitation and enclosures featuring engraved wording

Before digital ink printing, before thermography, there was engraving. The time-honored process is still a favorite of couples with classic style.

Engraved wedding invitations add a sense of tradition to any occasion, making them the perfect choice for events where etiquette and decorum are important. Engraved invitations, produced in small batches or individually, offer uniqueness and exclusivity that mass-produced invitations struggle to replicate. This exclusivity enhances the event’s allure and makes recipients feel honored to receive an invitation.

Traditional engraved wedding invitation with a wreath design enclosing a single initial

The Process: The wording is engraved into a metal plate, which is then completely covered with ink. Next, the plate is carefully cleaned so only the ink left behind is in the engraved lines. The force of the printing press pulls the ink from the lines onto the paper, leaving slightly raised ink on the front of the invitation and a slight impression on its back. That’s how you know it’s genuine engraving.

The raised ink on embossed wedding invitations provides a tactile experience

The Look: The tactile experience of receiving an engraved invitation creates a memorable first impression that sets a refined tone for the event. The matte texture of the ink lends a luxurious appearance when applied to the 130 lb. paper we use for engraved invitations. And with the addition of colored paper and colorful inks, engraving has become the epitome of modern elegance.

Luxurious engraved wedding invitation featuring white ink on dark paper

The Couple: The craftsmanship required to create engraved invitations makes them an expensive option that will appeal to those who only want the best. Couples who choose engraved invitations appreciate timeless elegance and attention to detail and value the traditional charm that engraved invitations offer. The wedding will likely be a formal affair that will make a lasting impression on guests, beginning with the beautifully crafted invitations.

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