2017 flower trends

Green Wedding
We love seeing all the new flower trends each wedding season and 2017 will be no different! With the season just starting, we are already seeing some amazingly cool new trends.

Greenery – It’s the Pantone color of the year and it will most likely be predominate at many weddings. Garland, succulents and wreaths will take center stage this year instead of being filler.
Green Wedding










Bold and beautiful – this will come in many different forms – arches, hanging installations and floral chandeliers. The point is to use your flowers to the maximum to create breathtaking works of art.
Bold Wedding










Bright colors – 2017 is all about the jewel tones and using color in creative ways. Muted colors are out and deep reds, pinks, oranges and purples are in!
Purple Wedding










Image: Duehring Photography

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