3 tips for spring weddings

Young beautiful couple bride and groom in the snow with an umbre
Okay, we say this about every season, but we really, really, really mean it about spring – it’s the perfect time of year to get married! There are so many symbols of fresh starts and new life and blossoming love everywhere you look.

Ready to plan your spring I dos? Here are some ideas and helpful tips to make it memorable and lovely for you and your guests.

1. Spring flowers
Use lots of them. Lots and lots and lots of them. The flowers of spring can run big and fragrant (lilacs and peonies) to tiny and sweet (lily of the valley and hyacinths). Since they’re in season, mix them in your bouquets and arrangements to create a lush floral atmosphere.

2. Spring colors
Those flowers in season? Consider them your color inspiration! Pastels and light jewel tones are great for spring weddings. Green is also a smart spring wedding color choice, as it shows off colorful flowers beautifully. You can even go with a floral print for the bridesmaids – a different one for each one? – for a unique look and have each carry a bouquet of one variety and color of flowers.

3. Spring weather
You can have perfect weather on your wedding. It could also be quite chilly or raining – or even snowing (in northern states, it’s been known to snow as late as Memorial Day). If you’re having an outdoor wedding, keep guests’ comfort in mind. Provide shawls on the backs of chairs for them to use in case of chilly spring breezes. Use an aisle runner or rent outdoor ground covering so their shoes don’t get muddy. And be sure to reserve an indoor location and inform guests where the wedding will be held in case of inclement weather. Let’s hope you won’t need the alternate location, but it’s better to be safe than have guests shivering outside in the rain.

Now, spring into action and get those spring wedding plans going!

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