5 tips for announcing your engagement on social media

5 tips for announcing your engagement on social media

Is there a diamond in your future? When that special moment comes, you might want to race to post the news on social media or start calling everyone and someone is sure to feel left out.

So wait!

Before you share the big news, here are 5 tips to think about.

1. Take some time to enjoy the occasion together before spending time publicizing on social media. This can be 10 minutes or all weekend, but you’ll remember those moments forever.

2. Tell your loved ones first so no one is offended by finding out on social media and not in person.

3. If anyone witnessed your engagement, ask them to keep it off social media until you make the announcement.

4. When you do make your announcement on social media, keep the details simple, and be sure not to brag.

5. It’s fine to show off your ring in the photo, but make sure your faces are in the shot, too. It might feel like it right now, but your engagement isn’t ALL about the ring! An idea: use our printable engagement announcement signs, take a photo of your and your new fiancé and post.

Congratulations, and have a great engagement!

Image: Kristen Weaver

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