5 tips for throwing a successful surprise party

Surprise Party
Who doesn’t love a good surprise? But it does take some careful planning to make it go smoothly. Anyone willing to throw a surprise party has to have skill, organization and lots of luck.

Here are our top 5 tips we have compiled for you when throwing a surprise party:

1. You need the perfect invitation to let guests know that it is a complete surprise. Our Great Surprise invitation is perfect with colorful and modern bold typography on the front and dotted stripes on the back.

2. Find a trusted “accomplice” to help you plan the party Make sure that they can also keep everything a secret.

3. Make sure the person you are throwing the party for is dressed accordingly and has his or her schedule cleared. Suggest a fancy dinner for just the two of you. Then when you show up, all their friends will be there to surprise the guest of honor and he or she be dressed for the occasion as well.

4. Make sure the party is centered around what the guest of honor loves, this guarantees that they will love every moment and every detail of the party.

5. Relax and make it the best party you can. There is no guarantee that a guest won’t slip up. So if that happens just know you tried and you still are throwing an amazing party!

Happy planning!

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