How to: properly assemble pocket invitations

Pocket Invitation
Pocket invitations are pretty amazing, the invite and all the enclosures are neatly put together in a stylish pocket.

But there are quite a few pieces to put together to make it look so awesome, that it can get kind of tricky and a little over whelming.

So we put a diagram together to help!

Proper assembly:
1. Adhere any necessary pieces (backer, invitation, tab backer, tab) using provided glue dots
2. Then place enclosure cards into the pocket in the correct order – the response envelope goes on the bottom, then on top of that is the map card, then the accommodations card, then reception card and the response card should be on the top. If you don’t have all four enclosure cards, stack cards in order according to height.
3. Place all provided tissue on top of the invitation before folding pocket. This will prevent rubbing and ink transfer during mailing.
4. Place folded pocket invitation face-up into the envelope.

We hope we helped you out and made things a little easier for you.

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