5 Tips to keep your wedding dress clean

Wedding Dress
On your special day, the last thing you want to worry about is getting your dress dirty. With a few simple suggestions we can promise you that your dress will remain clean until you get on the dance floor.

A sheet or two – if you have the money in your budget, you can buy a bridal petticoat that will lift the hem of your dress during pictures. If you want to be more budget friendly, use a simple sheet that matches the color of your dress. This will still help prevent your dress from getting dirty. The sheet can be tucked under your gown and no one will even know it was there!

Time to bustle – be sure to bustle your dress after the ceremony. This will lift the back of your dress to prevent it from dragging on the ground. Often bustle loops break when you are dancing, so reinforce it with safety pins.

Protect the hem – spray the hem of your dress with a protectant spray to prevent dirt and oils from absorbing into the fabric. Be careful about how much spray you use; too much will create a line on your dress.

Not just for babies – use unscented baby wipes if your dress gets dirty. The wipe works wonders and is gentle on the fabric. This is only good for dresses made of satin or polyester. Dresses made of silk or linen should NOT use baby wipes. We repeat: do not use a baby wipe on silk or linen – it will cause a stain.

Just have fun – preventing all the stains and dirt spots is impossible so just have fun on your special day. Besides, there aren’t a lot of stains a dry cleaner cant get out!

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