Wedding hair tips

Wedding Hairstyle
Every bride wants to be the epitome of perfection and beauty on her special day! And of course your hair needs to complement your dress and make you look like the goddess you are. Here are some of our top tips for having the perfect wedding hair:

Practice makes perfect – Always do a run through with your hairdresser to make sure she or he knows your expectations and to make sure you are comfortable with your wedding day look.

Lead by example – Bring pictures of the style you have in mind to your hair rehearsal so the hairdresser can get a feel for what you want. Another good tip is to take pictures of your hair and the products used that day to help refresh the hairdresser the day of your wedding.

Weather permits – Keep the weather in mind when picking a hairstyle. Keeping your hair loose and flowing is probably not the best option for a wedding that will be hot and humid.

Jazz it up – Show off your beautiful hair with jewels or a veil. Make yourself the center of attention!

Stay safe– Don’t do anything drastic with your hair color or cut. You don’t want to risk not liking it later; you want to look like you on your special day. Just do a touch up a few weeks before the wedding.


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