5 ways to honor loved ones at your wedding

Memorial Vase
When it comes to a loved one that has passed away and a wedding, the question that arises is – how to honor that person during the big day.

Depending on when he or she passed away and what you want to do, there are a number of ways they can be honored.

We put a list together of the top 5 ways to honor your loved ones are your wedding:

  1. Use a vase filled with flowers like our Custom Memorial Vase. It is engraved with “In loving memory of” and then you can personalize it with the names of those you both have lost.
  2. Hang tiny picture charms of loved ones around your bouquet.
  3. Toast to their memory during the reception.
  4. Have a tribute table at the reception dedicated to them. Use pictures and candles of your loved ones.
  5. Have a butterfly release or a moment of silence for loved ones who have passed during the ceremony.

Pick a way to honor your loved ones who have passed that is most comfortable to you and still keeps the mood of your special day happy.


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