9 Wedding Trends and Invitations to Match

1. The Trend: Tents and Twinkly Lights

Recent pandemic safety guidelines and restrictions have inspired an increased popularity in outdoor weddings. With outdoor weddings comes tents and lighting, and with lighting comes the fairy-tale beauty of twinkling lights hanging in the trees, under tent roofs, along paths and so on. The ambience created is magical!

Featured wedding invitations: Check out these wedding invitations with lights shining in the very pretty designs! These invites are so romantic and perfectly printed. Rustic Evening Invitation, Countryside Romance Invitation, Wooden Shimmer Invitation

2. The Trend: Colors

Couples are predicted to begin using way more color to replace the swaths of white and cream we often see in weddings. Think fresh, nature-inspired colors and surprising color combinations that inspire!

Featured wedding invitations: Bright, vibrant hues and even a splash of metallic foil make these colorful wedding invitations great choices for couples seeking to create a bright and intriguing introduction to their wedding. Colorfully Modern Invitation, Shimmering Waves Invitation, Enchanted Marble Invitation

3. The Trend: Voluminous Florals

Greenery has been trending for a few years now but big florals is another trend that’s quickly catching up to its naturally beautiful counterpart. Oversized floral arrangements are impressive yet surprisingly sweet, and couples are loving this element in their wedding décor

Featured wedding invitations: Fabulous floral wedding invitations in gorgeous colors are so beautiful, wedding guests will be talking about them long after the wedding! Budding Watercolor Invitation, Fabulous Floral Invitation, Outdoor Essence Invitation

4. The Trend: Relaxed Vibes

Weddings are generally a formal event with some couples choosing to throw more casual affairs but with the pandemic comes a lot more small weddings and weddings outdoors. Couples are embracing this idea in 2021 and planning a relaxed occasion from the start: inviting less people, creating a comfortable atmosphere and making the few people who are invited feel cared for.

Featured wedding invitations: Carlson Craft offers a great selection of affordable wedding invitations including cleverly design Seal ‘n Sends and All ‘n Ones, which use smart use of space and special design techniques to create an efficient yet very stylish invitation. Woodsy Arrows Seal ‘n Send Invitation, Darling Greenery All ‘n One Invitation

5. The Trend: Tropical Vibes

We can totally see destination weddings taking off this year with the lifting of pandemic restrictions as more and more vaccinations roll out. Bright and modern tropical designs bring just the right kind of vibes to beach weddings and island celebrations.

Featured wedding invitations: Who doesn’t love tropical wedding invitations? These eye-catching designs are perfect for destination weddings around the world. Romantic Palms Invitation, Beach Beauty Seal ‘n Send Invitation, Tropical Treasures Invitation

6. The Trend: Metallic

Mixed metals were really hot a few years back when the industrial look was big on the wedding scene. The industrial look has faded a bit but metals have remained and this year, that shiny metallic look will star in many weddings.

Featured wedding invitations: The shimmer of real foil shines beautifully on these stunning wedding invitations featuring foil stamped designs, which reflect the metallic wedding trend perfectly. Chic Celebration Invitation, Foil Surround Invitation, Shining Love Invitation

7. The Trend: Texture

We’re seeing this trend hit the wedding cake industry hard where bakers are creating these amazing tiered cakes with a combination of textures to really make it as interesting to admire as it is delicious to eat. Wedding invitations are another wedding element that looks amazing with utilizing different textures!

Featured wedding invitations: Carlson Craft offers expert specialty print on premium papers and we are excellent at creating gorgeous invites with incredible texture through a variety of print processes. Shown here are laser cut wedding invitations, foil stamped invitations and letterpress wedding invitations. Dashing Elegance Invitation, Darling Floral Invitation, Arrow Surround Invitation

8. The Trend: Lush Greenery

As expert printers of fine stationery, we have seen the greenery trend blossom from a few fresh designs into its own genre of wedding design. The options are endless and the artwork is amazing.

Featured wedding invitations: Lush greenery looks amazing on wedding stationery and these designs prove just how beautiful this trend can be. Lovely Greenery Invitation, Natural Greenery Invitation, Artful Greenery

9. The Trend: Dark Color Palettes

Dark color palettes have been swallowed by the moody wedding color trend in the past but that doesn’t really encompass the vast opportunity available in the world of dark colors. We’re seeing this trend manifest in florals, abstracts and geometric designs. The results are fabulous!

Featured wedding invitations: Dark floral wedding invitations are impressive to say they least. They set a mood like no other invitation style and these designs offer surprising elements couples can really appreciate. Edged Wedding Invitation, Dyed Ice Invitation, Midnight Floral Invitation

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