Don’t make these 5 wedding invitation mistakes

You’re getting married! You’re ordering your wedding invitations! You’re so excited!

We understand. It’s easy to get caught up in the dreaminess of the paper, design, color, foil, envelope and embellishment options for wedding invitations. So easy, in fact, that mistakes can get overlooked in the whirlwind.

Promise us that you’ll double- and triple-check all the details so you’ll avoid making these top 5 wedding invitation mistakes.

1. Choosing a design that doesn’t match your theme
If you’re having a rustic barn wedding and send a wedding invitation with pearl-embossed roses and candles as the design, guests will be confused about what to expect on your big day. Make sure your invite sets the tone for your celebration.

2. Cramming too much copy on the invitation
You don’t have to say it all on the invitation. Your names, the hosts’ names, the date, time and location are what should be printed on the invitation. Reception cards, response cards and accommodation cards are for getting that specific info to your guests.

3. Typos!
We’ve seen it all. The groom’s name spelled wrong. The right month, but the wrong day. The location missing from the wording. Letters in simple words like “the” transposed to “teh.” Spell check. Proofread. Ask your writer friend to proofread. Check again. Check one more time. Make sure it’s right before you send to print.

4. Forgetting stamps on response envelopes
You’re asking guests to reply to your invitations. When you put stamps on the response envelopes, it’ll make it super-easy for them to pop their replies in the mail.

5. Not putting enough postage on the invitations
…and having all of your invitations returned to you. Nightmare. Before you drop your invites in the mail, take one to the post office, fully assembled, with all the enclosure cards and envelopes and seals attached, to find out exactly how much postage you’ll need.

Now – get back to the whirlwind and get those invites in the mail!

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