Celebrate Your Big Day with Rattan Décor

Incorporating rattan and other woven decorations into your wedding and reception can add a touch of natural and rustic charm or a dash of boho style. Here are some creative ways to use woven elements in your ceremony and reception that will create a visually stunning backdrop for your ceremony, leave your guests in awe and create lasting memories for years to come. Invitations featuring greenery or other natural elements are a great match for this look.

  1. Ceremony Arch or Backdrop: Create a beautiful ceremony focal point using a rattan arch adorned with woven elements. You can decorate it with lush greenery, flowers or flowing fabric for a romantic and bohemian look. An extra-large macramé wall hanging makes a beautiful backdrop you can display in your home after the wedding.
  2. Wedding Aisle Décor: Create chair garlands using woven materials, intertwining them with flowers or greenery for a whimsical touch. Or line the aisle with baskets full of lush greenery, like ferns or add a splash of color with flowers, like begonias, that will bloom all summer long. These live plants can move from ceremony to reception and would make great thank-you gifts for anyone in your wedding who happens to have a balcony, front porch or green thumb.
  3. Hanging decorations: Suspend woven elements from the ceiling or trees to create a captivating display. Woven lanterns provide a soft glow when hung from tree branches, and there are many styles of fairy string lights featuring globes and stars woven from rattan. Or weave flowers, ribbon and tiny lights into a rattan garland for a romantic look.
  4. Favor fans: Help guests keep cool with raffia fans tied with ribbons in your wedding colors or trinkets that reflect your wedding theme.
  5. Escort Cards and Table Numbers: Create unique escort cards and table numbers by attaching them to small woven or rattan objects. For example, you can tie individual cards to mini woven baskets, rustic rattan coasters, or woven napkin rings. Or create a seating assignment wall by pinning escort cards to a woven mat.
  6. Table decorations: Use a woven or rattan table runner as the base for your cake table display. Add potted plants, flowers, or candles to complement the natural and textured aesthetic. Incorporate woven baskets or trays when decorating the tables for gifts and guestbooks. Filled with wildflowers, greenery or fruits, they make a rustic and natural display. They’re also great for displaying wedding favors like homemade soaps, locally produced honey, or jams.
  7. Table setting: Use woven chargers or placemats on the tables for a textured and organic look. You’d get the same effect from a woven runner (or a circular mat placed in the center of a round table,) but please don’t use both!
  8. Woven chair-back décor: Decorate the backs of chairs at the head table with small woven wreaths or garlands.
  9. Lounge Area: Set up a cozy lounge area with woven furniture such as rattan chairs, loveseats, or coffee tables. Add cushions and throw blankets in soft colors to create a relaxed and inviting space for guests to gather and mingle.
  10. Photo Booth Backdrop: Rattan frames or mirrors combined with wicker plant stands and a peacock chair makes a backdrop for photos with a vintage feel. In contrast, a wicker egg chair filled with a chunky throw and colorful cushions provides a modern bohemian look.

Each woven detail adds warmth and organic elegance to your wedding celebration. The key is to balance woven decor with other elements to create a cohesive wedding design. Play with textures, mix in natural materials, and incorporate florals and greenery to achieve a harmonious and visually appealing look. Weaving the beauty of natural textures and creative elements into your wedding decor adds a touch of whimsy and rustic charm that is truly unforgettable.

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