Get Inspired: Cozy Winter Weddings

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What do you think of when you imagine your perfect winter wedding? Icy blue and silver, with wedding photos set against a snow-covered winter backdrop? Lush greenery decorated with gold baubles and red roses? There’s a third option for you to consider: hygge. The idea has been popping up in social media for the past few years, but in case you missed it, hygge is a Danish word describing a sense of coziness and well-being.

Hygge is about creating an intimate feeling, so it works beautifully with multiple wedding themes: country and boho are a perfect fit. If your style is a little more upscale, hygge can still work for you. Start with a simple invitation with neutral tones and a minimalist style, like the one featured in our style story. Then choose decorations that create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Use plenty of natural elements so guests can enjoy the beauty of nature without having to spend time outdoors in the cold!

If you want guests to take a candle-lit walk through the woods or serve hot chocolate around a bonfire, go for it, but they should feel the warmth as soon as they enter the reception hall! If your venue has a gorgeous view of snow-covered scenery, take full advantage of it, but indoors, use candles or fairy lights to create a warm glow that draws guests into the room.

At the reception, add touches that make your guests feel special. Hiring additional bartenders means guests will spend less time waiting in line. Servers circulating with trays of appetizers will avoid a crush at the buffet table. If extra staff isn’t in your budget, you could scatter your appetizers among several tables, creating different areas for guests to mingle. A table serving a beautiful punch bowl filled with hot cider or mulled wine can be a treat for all the senses.

Family-style table service, where servers place platters of food on each table and guests serve themselves, is a great way to encourage conversation. It’s also perfect for a menu filled with comfort foods, like casseroles and stews. If you want to go upscale, you can go with full dinner service and foods like traditional roasts or a show-stopping dish like beef Wellington. A buffet line can work if you work with your caterer to create a plan that lets guests move through the line quickly and return to socializing.

Whatever you decide, let the beauty of your surroundings inspire you, and guests will remember your big day for years to come!

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