Happy Easter!

This Easter, a friend who relocated to Virginia will post pictures of her Easter egg hunt with green grass and brightly blooming tulips. Here in southern Minnesota, the first robins have arrived to a thin layer of fresh snow on the ground, and they do not look happy. I can’t blame them.

In northern Minnesota, where we grew up, we wouldn’t even see a robin before May, and our pretty dresses, bought especially for church on Easter Sunday, were almost always hidden under winter coats. And that’s where my family will gather to celebrate the holiday. Go figure.

So, whether you live somewhere where you welcome Easter with green grass and brightly blooming flowers or where the celebration means “spring will be here soon, I hope.” I wish you a happy Easter, filled with family and fun. And if you’re looking for a few quick Easter ideas, check out last week’s 5 Fun Easter Ideas.

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