Holiday card photo DOs and DON’Ts

People love getting all kinds of holiday cards in the mail, but they love getting photo holiday cards the best. They’re personal glimpses into the sender’s life and a meaningful way to send greetings.

But before you send photo holiday cards…you have to get the perfect photos! Here are some great tips to help you get them.

DO: let your family’s personality show through in your holiday card photos – make funny faces, take selfies and have fun
DON’T: feel like you have to hire a photographer and take formal, posed shots for your holiday cards if it’s not natural for your family

DO: Use your favorite photos from Facebook or Instagram on your holiday cards
DON’T: Forget to make sure the photo size is large enough and the quality is good enough to produce in a larger format so you don’t end up with fuzzy photos

DO: include pets in your holiday card photos
DON’T: send a holiday card using only the pets’ photos – friends and family want to see YOUR faces most

DO: If you recently got married, use a wedding photo on your holiday card. Our Merry and Married Photo Holiday Card is one of our faves.
DON’T: think your holiday card can take the place of a handwritten thank you note – the two should be separate

DO: choose a card that shows off multiple photos
DON’T: forget to take individual pictures of you and your spouse, the kids, pets so you have different content to fill the photo areas

DO: browse for your perfect holiday card before taking photos
DON’T: forget to leave room in your photos for the card’s design, message area and personalization

DO: have everyone in the photo wear coordinating outfits
DON’T: wear matchy-matchy outfits – people will only see the clothing, not your faces

Choose your holiday card, say “cheese!” and you’re on your way to personal greetings this season!

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