Holiday Pregnancy Announcements

Announcing your pregnancy is always fun! And depending on the time of the year,
you might share the news with family and friends close to a holiday. Here are our
favorite holiday pregnancy announcement ideas.

Christmas – Give your family cute ornaments with your ultrasound picture. Add a
little glitter to make it extra festive.

St. Patty’s Day – Handout pots of gold with a cute message of when your due date is!
Add pacifiers in with the pot to make it all about the baby.

Easter – Fill a plastic egg with a pacifier and a cute little note announcing when your
bundle of joy will be arriving!

4 th of July – Host a party and give guests firecrackers with a sweet little message. Our
personal favorite is “ Expecting a little firecracker xx-xx- xxx!”.

Halloween – Carve mommy and daddy pumpkins and then carve a small pumpkin
for your little bundle. Share pictures for those who won’t be able to stop by and see!

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