Instagram Update

Did you know that the Instagram logo isn’t the only thing to change with the recent update? Now instead of your Instagram feed being in chronological order, it now only shows you posts that have been deemed important to you.

With this new update, we want to make sure you, our followers, stay connected to us! There are two different ways to make sure you stay connected and see our posts:

  1. Go to our Carlson Craft profile page and “like” and comment on our posts. By doing this, Instagram will deem that Carlson Craft is important to you, ensuring that our posts will frequent your Instagram feed.
  2. Go to our Carlson Craft profile page, click on the triple dots icon on any of our posts (it is usually next to the profile name) and then select “Turn on Post Notifications” this will also help you stay connected with our posts.

We here at Carlson Craft have always found it most important to stay connected with you!

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