Let’s get dark and moody!

The vivid and sunny florals perfect for spring and summer weddings deepen as summer turns into fall and fall becomes winter. Dark florals too intense for summer create a moody and alluring palette for winter weddings. Pair them with invitations from Carlson Craft featuring deep, rich floral designs set against dramatic black or deep navy backgrounds to set the tone for a chic, adventurous wedding.

The deep shades of pink, burgundy and orange contrast brilliantly with the deep black background of our Fall Floral Invitation, making it a great choice for late fall weddings. In contrast, the Winter Floral Invitation, with its wreath of dusty pink roses is a little more romantic. The deep purple frame and foil-stamped details of the more formal looking Midnight Floral Invitation seamlessly combine the purple, pink and blue pastels of the relaxed floral design with a dramatic black background.

There are many ways to incorporate flowers into a winter wedding: white flowers paired with evergreens and berries are classic for Christmas weddings. The beautiful textures of dried floral bouquets and pampas grass provide an eco-friendly option. Fresh flowers in the middle of winter will add a touch of pure luxury. Many flowers, like rustic and bohemian lisianthus, versatile carnations, and timeless roses, are in season year-round. Check out WeddingWire for their article 13 Wedding Flowers that are always in Season.

If you’re looking for something more unusual, anemones, with their pale leaves and dark black centers are modern and sophisticated, and hellebores have a lovely, romantic look. It’s also worth remembering that carnations are available in a variety of colors, including yellow and green, and they’re easily dyed, opening up a world of possibilities. For more inspiration, check out the Spruce for a great list of winter wedding flowers. And after you’ve found your inspiration remember to check back here at Carlson Craft to find the perfect coordinating floral wedding invitations.

Featured Invitations: Fall Floral Invitation, Winter Floral Invitation, Midnight Floral Invitation

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