Patterns: from the runway to your invitations!

Fashion trends lead directly to your invitation
We watch fashion trends obsessively. What’s in, what’s out, what’s holding steady, what will look great as part of an invitation design.

What we’ve been seeing this year are patterns, patterns, patterns! And as we move into winter and look forward to spring, the trending patterns are pretty specific. Here are a few we’ve translated into invitations to introduce your celebration in a fashionable way.

Houndstooth originated as a woven wool pattern in the Scottish. Designers love the houndstooth pattern in both large and small sizes (when it’s small, it’s called “puppytooth” – adorbs!). Black and white is most classic, but on our Handsome Houndstooth Invitation, you can choose the color to make it custom.

Again, we have the Scots to thank for this great pattern (though they call it “tartan” not plaid). The look is cozy and warm – great for parties during the cold weather months. We’ve translated it into a rustic look for our Plaid Party Time Invitation for celebrations for the manly men you know.

Stripes never really go out of style – it’s the kind of stripe that will set the trends for the year. And this year, it’s thin stripes mixed with big, bold ones. We’ve got the look in our Sweet Stripes Invitation. Skinny stripes are on the front (with shiny foil!) and thick stripes are on the back (check it out online). You choose the color to make it match your style. Brighter colors can leap into spring.

Like stripes, dots in some form are always in fashion. Today’s dots are either big and bold or tiny and structural. We went all little and lined up on our Dotted Lines Invitation – the look is geometric as much as it is sweet and sassy. Make it classic in black and white, or add a bright color to make a splash (and a springy look).

What pattern are you following for a fashionable invitation look?

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