Real Wedding Inspo: Beach Wedding

Is the wedding of your dreams set in an exotic locale? Or in a place that has special meaning to you and your partner? Does it involve luxurious suites with magnificent views, a rustic villa in Tuscany, desert sunsets or a cozy lodge in the great Northwoods? Or is it on a warm, sandy beach on an island in the Caribbean?

Set the scene, and pump up your guests with save the dates and invitations that hint at things to come. They’ll need time to plan, so give them more notice than you would for a local wedding. Save the dates should be sent out eight months to a year in advance, and invitations twelve weeks before the wedding.

To build excitement for your wedding, check out the fun activities your destination has to offer and let your guests choose a group activity. The one with the most votes wins! Modify your response card and let them choose between zip-lining and yoga on the beach instead of chicken and fish. Tip: this implies you’re paying, so if you’re not (which is totally ok,) indicate this by including the cost on the card. And remember many activities, like hiking, are free!

One of the fantastic things about a scenic wedding destination is that you can keep the décor simple. When you’re getting married on the beach, nature itself fills your senses. The feel of the breeze, waves lapping against the shore, and a horizon that goes on forever become part of your love story. All you need to do is create a focal point for the ceremony. If there isn’t an element, like a pair of graceful palm trees or dramatic outcropping of rock, create one with a graceful arch decorated with local flowers or grasses.

Your seating area will define the space for the ceremony. Keeping it simple and incorporating natural elements will create the mood you want. Living plants can decorate the aisles and mark boundaries. Whisper thin chair sashes will move gently in with the breeze, tying the seating to the site. As your guests arrive, handing out program fans will help them keep cool and enjoy the ceremony.

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