Save the Dates: 4 things to remember

You’ve set the date! The first thing on your to-do list? Share the news! And the perfect way to do that is to send save the dates.

Before you jump in and send save the dates to every single person you’ve ever known (we understand, you’re excited), here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind.

1. When should you send them?
Right when you set the wedding date! The only exception to this is if you are having a very long engagement, like longer than 12 months. Your save the date might get lost or forgotten in that length of time. Save the dates should be sent no less than 6 months before the wedding, especially if you’re having a destination wedding and guests need to make travel plans.

2. Who should you send them to?
Everyone who receives a save the date MUST be invited to the wedding. Consider the save the date a “pre-wedding invitation.” Include your parents, grandparents, family members, attendants, friends and vendors on the list, even though they know the date well. They’ll feel extra special!

3. What should they look like?
Your save the dates can match your wedding invitations, but they don’t have to! Save the dates can show off your engagement photos, like the In Our Heart and the Love Sparkles we feature here. They can also be sentimental with great printing processes, like the letterpress Love Blooms we feature. Other save the dates are full of color, show your sense of humor, or are simple and stylish. Just be sure they capture your personality and give guests a hint of the celebration to come.

What info should you print on them?
You can print your save the dates with whatever wording you want saying that you’ve set the date and that you’d like guests to save it. But here is the information you must include:
• your first and last names
• the fact that you’re getting married
• the month, date and year of the wedding
• the location of the wedding
• the message asking the recipient to save the date
• the note “Invitation to follow” so guests know more information will arrive

Now, find the perfect save the date, and start making your guest list!

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