The perfect candy bar

The perfect candy bar
There can never be too much sweetness at a wedding! For a unique touch, add a candy bar to your wedding reception.

We suggest having ¼ to ½ lbs. of candy per guest. Have a theme or color scheme picked out to make your candy bar look organized and clean. Also, be mindful of certain candies melting and food allergies. Try to keep your candy bar in a cool place away from the sun and clearly label each type of candy.

Having a candy bar attendant is a great idea to make sure it remains clean and stocked the duration of your wedding. If you don’t have someone to help out, have the candy bar out as guests are leaving.

Lastly, your guests will need something to put their treats in. Use these Brush of Love Treat Bags. We love the trendy gold foil and how it turns an ordinary paper bag into something chic.

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