Wedding Day Grooms Gift

Wedding Day Grooms Gift

The magic of a wedding often puts the spotlight on the bride. Make sure your groom feels just as special with a gift from you! A wedding day survival kit can show how much you appreciate him before walking down the aisle.

Each piece in the survival kit should represent something. We have a few suggestions to help you get started:

• Love note – just for him, one last reminder
• Socks – no cold feet
• Mints – a fresh first kiss
• Watch – to be on time
• Coffee – to wake him up
• Chocolate – love is sweet
• Aftershave – to smell as good as he looks
• Tissues – just in case he cries
Custom oval cuff links ­– sharply dressed

Don’t be afraid to add other small and personal touches. After all, this day is completely about the love the two of you share. Enjoy it!

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