Bow ties: what’s cool at weddings

Bow Tie
Bow ties are super classy and when done right, can definitely make an outfit. And thanks to celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Johnny Depp, the modern bow tie has gained popularity considerably since it first appeared in the 17th century (Wow). Here are a few things to keep in mind when making this fashion statement!

Type of event – If the wedding you are attending is formal or a black tie affair; keep it classic with a black bow tie. A white bow tie will elevate your look even more. If the big day is casual, go a little colorful and have fun with your bow tie.

Fabric is important – cotton or linen are perfect for a causal wedding, while silk or wool are better suited for a more formal event!

Color pairing – Here are a few quick reminders when it comes to pairing your shirt with a bow tie.

  • Your shirt color should be lighter than the bow tie for best contrast, except for when wearing a navy blue or black undershirt.
  • The background color of your bow tie should NOT be the same as your shirt! Contrast with a primary color. Patterned bow ties pair well with solid colored shirts and suits.
  • Try sticking to colors that a complementary, split complementary or analogous.
    • Complementary: a blue shirt paired with a yellow bow tie.
    • Split complementary: a red shirt paired with a yellow bow tie.
    • Analogous: a green shirt paired with a yellow or yellow-green bow tie.

Remember that a bow tie can be great conversation piece! Have fun and don’t be afraid to make a statement by showing off your style with a bow tie.

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