Wedding photography tip: Using nature to the fullest

Wedding Photography
Natural lighting is the best for photography, so use it to the fullest when capturing your big day.


Before the wedding, meet up with your photographer and give them a brief “tour” of your ceremony and reception locations so they can scope out the best spots for photography.

If your locations have beautiful gardens or woodsy areas nearby, use them to their fullest. If your locations are primarily indoors, seek out a winery or park before your big day and make a pitstop to shoot some outdoor photography with your bridal party.

Keep your attire in mind. Ditch your heels for a bit and throw on a pair on flats so you don’t sink into the dirt.

Kindly ask one of your bridesmaids to help make sure your white gown doesn’t get dirty. Pick up your train when walking and place it down gently for photos so it doesn’t pick up dirt or grass stains.

These pictures are forever, make sure that you get all the perfect shots to make these memories last forever!

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