2 out-of-the-box activities for your bridal shower

If you’re looking to stray from the traditional bridal shower activities, here are a few fun party planning ideas that will help get the party started for you and your best friends:

Lip print readings
Lip print readings are similar to having your palms read. What you do is have everyone at the party put on lipstick – doesn’t matter what color. Then you have them kiss a blank surface, like a piece of white paper. Your lip print says a lot about your personality. You can have a professional come examine your lip prints, or you can delve into them yourselves for a fun party activity. There are lots of simple guides online that can show you what every shape and line of your lips means. When you’re done, you can turn all of the lip prints into a keepsake for the bride by having each girl sign her print, like this.

An ice breaker game
If not everyone at your shower knows each other, start off the evening with a fun game that gets everyone talking and laughing. Have each guest write down the name of a celebrity on a sticky note and post them upside down on a table. Then each person picks one, and without looking at it, places it on their forehead. It’s then their job to guess which celebrity they have through the use of 20 questions.

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