How to do wedding thank you cards right

Saying thank you to your wedding guests following the big day is just as important as cutting the cake or having a first dance. It lets each and every one of your family and friends know that their presence was appreciated on a day that was so special to both you and your spouse. Here are a few easy guidelines to adhere to to maintain proper thank you note etiquette:

Send them out on time
You’ll want to mail your thank you cards promptly. For gifts given on the day of the wedding, make sure to send out your cards within three months of your nuptials. If you received gifts after your wedding, you should mail the thank you cards within two to three weeks. If you happen to miss the time frame to send out thank you cards, acknowledge the late date by writing something like “my apologies for the tardiness of your note.” After all, sending a late thank-you note is better than not sending one at all.

Share the responsibility
It’s not all up to the bride to write a thank you note for each and every gift. Your other half should get involved in the process as well. Find a fair way to split up the work, like having your spouse acknowledge those gifts from his or her friends or family and you writing to guests you’re more familiar with.

Don’t forget about vendors
While it’s not completely necessary to send a thank you note to all of your vendors, you certainly can if you feel that their service was exceptional and helped to make your wedding vision come true. Anyone would appreciate a job well done, whether it’s your baker, florist or photographer.

Include the basics
In your thank you notes, you should mention the gift by name, refer to how you’re planning to use it and express how much you appreciated that guest’s kind gesture.

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