3 unique gifts for your future husband

Exchanging gifts between the bride and groom has been a longstanding tradition. So if you and your other half are choosing to take part in this tradition, then it’s important to take some time in between sending out the wedding invitations and choosing a florist to really pick out the perfect gift. We have a few ideas to get you help you find something special to give your husband-to-be:

Beer mugs
Combine his love for beer and football with this NFL Glass Tankard. Choose his favorite NFL team to be displayed on the glass, and you can have his name etched into the mug for a personalized touch.

Key Ring
Have his key to your new home attached to a key ring featuring personalized dog tags. Customize it however you would like. It could have his name on it, or you can combine both of your new initials to show him how excited you are to be starting a life with him.

Travel Bag
Prepare your future spouse for all of the trips that you’re looking forward to taking together with this classic travel bag. His initials can be etched into the front for a special accent. Then when he opens it up he will find plenty of space to store all of his bathroom essentials.

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