Beautiful and bright accents for your wedding

Just because we’re in the midst of winter doesn’t mean that we aren’t already thinking about summer nuptials. There’s one thing always associated with weddings that take place during the warmer months: bright colors. If you want to bring some vibrant touches to your big day, we’ve got a few ideas:

Start with invitations
Set the tone with brilliant and colorful wedding invitations. This Ombre Swirls Invitation – Bordeaux not only features a luminous blend of pink and orange, it’s also adorned with intricately designed flowers and swirls coming together in a beautiful gradient of color.

A signature cocktail
Create a drink all your own for you and your guests to enjoy during your wedding. But don’t forget to add some radiant color. Opt for something citrusy for a bright orange or yellow hue and garnish it with a piece of fruit.

Your dress may be white, but your shoes can be bright! Make your bridal outfit pop with a pair of dazzling colored heels, wedges, sandals or flats. Your footwear will look gorgeous as you walk down the aisle and will create stunning wedding pictures.

Display a tier of different colored macaroons. These light and delicate cookies can be baked to resemble virtually every shade of the rainbow to bring a splash of vivid color to your wedding.

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