5 ways to decorate the bride and groom chairs

Never overlook the chairs at your reception. They’re the perfect opportunity to add even more color and personality to your venue. After all, the chairs of the bride and groom should stand out among everyone else’s. Here are a few ideas for your chairs:

Drape an adorable banner like this Mr. and Mrs. Chair Banner across the top of your seats. The black and white design with satin ribbon is simple and sophisticated, and the heart on each sign adds a splash of color and romance.

A sign
Tie your two chairs together with some colorful ribbon and in the middle of your chairs place a large “&” sign. It will read “bride & groom” without any words being present at all. It’s such a simple way to differentiate your chairs from your guests’.

Drape a beautiful arrangement of ombre flowers across the top of each chair and secure it with some twine, ribbon or lace.

Take a trip down memory lane by hanging your baby picture of the back of your chair along with your spouse’s. Guests will be able to take a look and see how far you’ve come!

Drape multi-colored ribbons over the back of each chair to dress up plain white seats. Make sure the hues you choose match the elements of your nuptials, like your wedding invitations, flowers and reception decor.

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