A history of the garter toss

For years, it’s been a tradition for the bride to wear a decorative garter on her upper leg for the big day. During her reception, she and the groom take part in the garter toss. But where did this wedding tradition come from?

The tossing of the garter started in 14th century England, when guests considered it good luck to get a piece of the bride’s clothing. Well, it’s no surprise that the bride wasn’t willing to give away her veil or a part of her gown, so the garter was the perfect solution. However, the throwing part didn’t come into play until later. In some cultures, the men would try to snatch the garter right off of the bride. Obviously, this would quickly get chaotic and dangerous. The groom eventually became frustrated and started throwing the garter to them to avoid the mess.

During today’s weddings, the garter is tossed for a different reason. It’s a way of honoring all of the single men at the event and it’s often accompanied by fun music, like Beyonce’s “All the Single Ladies.”

When picking out your garter, keep the following tips in mind:

Style: Look to your personality as a great source of inspiration.
Color: Personalize your garter with other elements of your wedding, like the wedding invitations or cake.
Width: They come in varying widths – thinner ones are more delicate while the wider ones are often more bold and ornate.

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