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Inevitably, we women find ourselves sifting through our mothers’ and grandmothers’ closets for a bit of fashion inspiration from time to time. Whether it’s rediscovering mom’s Jackie O inspired pencil dress with a slimming belt or digging out grandma’s long-abandoned but oh-so-graceful cameo ring, fashion statements have a way of wearing out their welcome only to make a resurgence at a later date.

Wedding fashions and trends are no exception. What once was considered passé eventually works its way back into our hearts and breathes fresh air into styles, palettes, and ideas. We call these trappings of yesteryear “vintage.” They are timeless and classic, chic and sophisticated, and they are offering some refreshing options for today’s bridal couples.

If you’ve noticed a return to the vintage couture of the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s, you’re not alone. Brides have been finding inspiration in the earlier decades of last century for everything from gowns and hairstyles to stationery and jewelry. Period themes are experiencing a resurgence as well, as couples are turning to eras such as the Prohibition and World War II for some creative fun. Think everything from flappers and pearls to seamed stockings and slimmer wartime cuts and hems. There’s no end to the creativity that can be employed to bring in some period style.

The brooch is back. Although Great-Gran may have worn it pinned to a modestly high neckline, modern brides are putting these little adornments to creative uses. Brooches have found their way into updo’s, clasping waist sashes onto gowns, and even adding some bedazzlement to bridal bouquets. Running the gamut from dainty and demure to grand and glitzy, these little charmers from a bygone era offer some wonderful ways to honor the older generations of women in the bride’s family. Have a host of them from which to choose? Bejewel your bridesmaids with a unique piece to add a bit of pizzazz to their dresses.

A warm welcome back to lace is in order as well, as brides are flocking to gowns with beautiful overlays and delicate backs in a host of lacy patterns. Gone for now are the billowing layers of crinoline, cathedral length trains and Cinderella-esque creampuff sleeves as form-flattering sheaths are the style du jour. I love this look. Feminine. Graceful. Elegant. Where were these simple and lovely styles when I was walking down the aisle?

Lace veils are enjoying a renewed popularity as well, and can be found in varying lengths and a wide selection of styles. For brides looking for just a touch of lacy embellishment, luck is on your side. No need to worry about covering your wedding day ‘do with heavy lace. Simple veils with delicate lace borders are easy to find and coordinate wonderfully with all manner of gowns.
Brides are incorporating romantic flowers into their bouquets to achieve a vintage feel. The addition of peonies and carnations infuses a bit of shabby chic into standby arrangements of roses, lilies, hydrangeas and other favorites. Popular bouquets of late are a bit more fuss-free, yet are still breathtakingly lovely.

Flattering hairstyles for vintage-inspired weddings are as easy as a softly swept-up ‘do or loosely flowing curls. Looking to kick a bit of ’20s fun into your big day? Pin curls, finger waves and fun bobs can make for smashing wedding day ‘dos. Or, drawing a bit of inspiration from the glamorous golden days of Hollywood might be the ticket. Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner and Ava Gardner are all sources of divine ‘do inspiration for retro-looking locks.

As for decorations and favors, everything emanating a nostalgic air is up for grabs. Bird nests, feathers, antique vases and bottles, silver serving sets, candies from yesteryear, stylish cars from the ’30s and ’40s, and anything else that sets the vintage tone bridal couples are looking for are perfect for setting the scene.

Looking for just the right invite to tie together a vintage theme? Carlson Craft has a wonderful selection of wedding stationery options for vintage-inspired weddings. These lovely styles offer soft and subtle designs, some embossed with lace embellishments. They’re utterly sublime and perfect for inviting guests to indulge in a day of antique charm and timeless elegance.

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August 27, 2012

Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I have been looking for ideas on ways to incorporate vintage ideas into my wedding.

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