Before you say “I do,” learn who pays for what

If you’re in the planning process for your big day, you’re quickly finding out that there are tons of elements that go into planning the perfect wedding. While there are traditional rules as to who pays for what, don’t worry if you break one of these guidelines. They are just that – guidelines! So if you and your other half are opting to pay for a large chunk of the wedding, good for you guys! Here’s a breakdown of the traditional costs:

  • Rehearsal dinner: Some families still refer to this event as the “Groom’s Dinner.” As you can probably guess, the groom and his family traditionally pay for and host this event.
  • Ceremony: The groom and family pay for the marriage license and officiant’s fee, while the bride and family pay for the venue and organist (or any other music you wish to have).
  • Honeymoon: Before you and your honey pack up that suitcase to travel to your dream destination, you’ll want to have everything paid for. Traditionally, the groom pays.
  • Photography: Snap a photo of the bride and her family, because they’re footing the bill for the photographer.
  • Reception: For food, drinks, music and any other entertainment you’re looking to have at your wedding, it’s the bride’s family that traditionally takes this one.
  • Stationery: When it comes to wedding invitations, announcements or save the dates, the bride’s family traditionally takes the bill.
  • Transportation: The bride’s family is often responsible for getting the bridal party to and from the ceremony and reception.

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