Creative ideas for your winter wedding

Getting married in the chill of winter offers a romantic ambiance that you can’t find any other time of the year. From themed wedding invitations to wintry centerpieces, here are a few creative ideas for your magical, winter wonderland wedding:

Wedding invitations
Embrace the beauty of winter by sending your guests this Shimmering Snowflake invitation. The white chiffon ribbon and sparkling snowflake reflects your love for winter and evokes the beauty of the season.

A cozy fireplace
Consider tying the knot in front of a warm and cozy fireplace. This bride and her groom chose to exchange their vows in front of a stone fireplace – the warm wood tones and crackling fire set the mood for romance.

S’more kits
Send your guests home with the deliciousness and warmth of a s’more kit, complete with all the essentials: graham crackers, chocolate and, of course, marshmallows. You could even get creative and include Reese’s peanut butter cups for a special touch. Wrap the ingredients up in a bag, box or jar that reflects your wedding theme.

A wintry bouquet
Blooms are beautiful, but you have other options for your winter wedding. Wild pine, fir, cedar, berries and aspen twigs all make for a stunning arrangement perfect for the chilly weather.

Unique transportation
Instead of leaving your nuptials in a limo or a car of your choice, how about riding off into the sunset in a horse-drawn sleigh like this couple did?

Offer a late night treat
Finish off the night by offering guests a treat that reflects the flavors of winter. Donuts and spiked coffee will give your guests the energy they need to keep dancing.

A non-traditional gown
White dresses are beautiful for any season, but champagne-colored gowns are another popular hue that brides are loving. The rich color matches all the deeper tones and hues of the winter.

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