Creative tidbits to include in your wedding programs

You may know exactly what you’re going to put in your wedding invitations, but don’t overlook the programs that your guests will have during the ceremony. Not only do these programs help guide everyone through each step of your wedding, they also offer important information that helps your guests get to know you both as a couple. These programs don’t have to just consist of the basics, however. Have some fun with them and include any of these things:

Grab the attention of your guests with graphics! Using creative pictures and text can help promote the theme of your wedding and it’s the perfect way to demonstrate your personality as a couple. The graphics could be delicate and romantic or modern and quirky – you decide! Graphics are also a good way for your guests to get to know your wedding party. You can include pictures of the wedding party and a short paragraph revealing some fun facts about them and how they know the bride or groom.

A packet of petals
Attach a small packet containing flower petals, colorful confetti or bright sprinkles. Your guests can throw these when you and your new spouse head out of the ceremony venue and over to your reception. Items like flowers and confetti are lightweight and won’t weigh down the program.

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